Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some Ideas on How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding

Planning a wedding is tough stuff is really hard to get everything organized everything rolling all along at the same time to hit the same deadline. Your all-important wedding day. I think a lot of brides start out thinking they can handle everything, but when they run into problems or gets closer and closer to the wedding date, they realized he might be in over their heads. It seems with all the weddings I've been to, that decorating the church seems to me. A very last-minute thing, actually almost forgotten. I think the majority of brides and bridesmaids, really don't know how to decorate the church for a wedding. It's really quite sad because and nicely decorated church for a wedding. Really adds to the ambience, the cheerfulness, and sophistication to this momentous event.

The first thing, the bride needs to determine is what kind of wedding. She is having. Is it a low-key affair, a sophisticated wedding, something unique and memorable, or an average wedding. I really don't think any bride wants an average wedding. Once those questions are answered, you'll have a better idea of how to decorate the church for a wedding. Oh and don't forget the budget. The budget will also determine what decorations you have and how many. This season also comes into play regarding fresh flowers. In wintertime, you can still get fresh flowers flown in with the cost will be much higher than if it was the summertime. Don't be like the majority of weddings I've gone to where the only church decoration are some bows on the end of the pews and some flowers at the altar. Isn't a wedding mostly a joyous event? Sure, the bride wants everyone to focus on her wedding dress and a lot of time is spent on getting the perfect wedding dress, but I think more important than the dress are the decorations in the church. I would like to see weddings with church decorations that are memorable. Not just big rented candelabra's or big candles, do something Martha Stewart might approve of without breaking the budget of course.

Here are some ideas I have for how to decorate a church for a wedding. I would like to see a runner go from the front of the church to the altar I don't even think I would like it to be red. But maybe a white or cream lace something gorgeous. Then for every pew, not just the reserve pews for the wedding party, but for every pew in the church have a bowl with long ribboned tales going to the floor and then add a spray of flowers at the top of the bow. Inexpensive, but some fern leaves and some babies breath would even be fine. Or use the wedding colors such as if it was blue and white. Then you some tiny blue flowers and some babies breath that right there will make a pretty elegant.

Next I would try and get some huge bouquet of flowers, not flowers in the round, which means a bouquet of flowers looks great from any side. But get a huge bouquet of flowers the looks good just from one side have it on the alter one on each side. The more flowers, the merrier the occasion. Actually, I would put most of the wedding budget into flowers to decorate the church for a wedding. When the weddings over, take the flowers out of the church and taken to the reception. They'll do double duty, what I'd really like to see in a church decorated for wedding, and which I haven't seen yet, are hanging flowers. In cathedrals with those wonderful pillars along the main aisle. There has to be some way to hook some long trailing flowers on the pillars, would that be absolutely gorgeous? Now for churches that are open in the center with no pillars. I think having big bouquets of flowers on pillars would be exciting. It gives a real air of a momentous event taking place. Having the wedding party walk through these pillars with big flowers, or have an arch at the beginning and an arch near the altar.

How about an arch at the beginning of every aisle. All the guests have to walk under the arch to their seat. I think this helps to beautify the church and to give the wedding guests a sense that this is an important occasion. No time to fall asleep, or to be bored. But this is a really big occasion. If you have enough young cousins or young girls you can find, I would put them all in beautiful flower girl dresses of the top of the church put on the side of the altar and angled down to the front pews of you on each side. Only standing there with their flowers, and will just look cute. Now, if you can get the girls stand there the entire time, you might have to bribe them with something good